QRPme LIVE stream Buildathon #4 CENTO x-1er-O

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Picture of QRPme LIVE stream Buildathon #4 CENTO x-1er-O

OK! So LIVE stream Buildathon #4 will hopefully take place DURING Lobstercon2024! on Saturday July 20, 2024...

I really like that CENTO anchovy tin, as you all know, and since the 3rd Buildathon was a receiver-o in a tin, we really need to match it up with a transmitter-o!

TWO, TWO, TWO kits in one Buildathon!

The latest is a version (SOLDER!) of the infamous Oner transmitter originally designed by George Burt, G3OXX. It is a simple little rig which is perfect for a live stream session. I designed the board to fit perfectly in the CENTO flat anchovies tin, YELLOW & BLUE, tocomplement the CENTO Receivo. It is a blue pcb with yellow silk screen laid out in Limerick style construction. Build it like a surface mount kit with thru hole parts.

The second half of the construction is a 40m low pass filter for the oner. This kit will be built Manhattan style on a nice little prototype board I lais out to fit those lovely anchovy tins! More on this kit later.