QRP Pocket PAL

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The Pocket PAL is a mint tin sized tester for all kinds of hamfest goodies that you can't ordinarily test with a DVM. Several constant current and voltage sources can be used to test panel meters, LEDs, and many other current or voltage driven devices. An on-board oscillator can running at 14.31818 and a divide by 2 circuit can be used for testing oscilloscopes, receivers, frequency meters and other RF devices requiring an RF signal. A Picaxe microprocessor is also on-board and will be programmed to act as a frequency counter with Morse code audio output, and an audio frequency sweep generator for testing headphones, speakers, piezo elements etc. A crystal oscillator ties to the frequency counter circuit for measuring quartz crystals. The entire assembly and testing process will be published on-line as a group learning project. The software development process will also take place on-line as a series of lessons intended to show how to develop a Picaxe project. The project will begin the first of December.

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