Picaxe Playset

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This kit is similar in concept to the Picaxe Construction Set it that it is a \'kitchen sink\' Picaxe project board.The board can be configured for either the 08M 8 pin or 18M 18 pin micros. Sensors and I/O circuits included on the board are: 3 LEDs, 1 Piezo speaker, 1 ext. speaker, 7 option switches, one-wire temperature sensor, SONY IR demodulator, ext. solid state relay, 2 mechanical relays and 2 R/C type servo circuits. You will be hard pressed to find an application that this board won\'t fill. Instead of a solderless breadboard, the Playset board has rows of \'Swiss pins\' for making temporary connections depending on which resources need to be connected for your current project. The reason behind the Swiss pins: the Picaxe Playset fits in the ubiquitous shirt pocket Altoids tin. Priced at $40. Crydom D2W202F (2 AMP) solid state relay is an additional $6.

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