Special #1 PCB "Independence Day" Building Bundle

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Picture of Special #1 PCB "Independence Day" Building Bundle

A Special bundle of QRPme's MePads, MeSquares, bare copper pcb stock AND components to get you started on the path of home brewing electronic projects without the depending on someone providing a circuit board for the project. There are PLENTY of nifty projects that are fully documented but require you to find a circuit board from another seller or etch one yourself. Manhattan construction is a technique where you make your own circuit board by gluing down punched out or snapped off pieces of pcb stock to use as solder pads for components. Experienced builder create amazing rigs using only this technique. MePads & MeSquares from QRPme make this process amazingly simple. The component patterns and solder pads simply snap off a sheet with your bare hands. Mount them to a bare sheet of copper with a drop of SUPER glue and build a QRP accessory or rig one component or section at a time.
This special "Independence Day" bundle contains

1 panel of MePads = 28 snap apart mini-boards with silk screened solder masked IC & SOIC patterns for Manhattan construction.
1 panel of MeSquares = 300 snap apart 1/4" x 1/4" silk screened solder masked & tinned solder pads
6 pieces of bare copper clad circuit board
*** AND ***
all the parts necessary to build 5 QRP accessories using Manhattan style.

All you need to add to the bundle is some SUPER glue, hookup wire and some construction time.

The included parts in the bundle will allow you to build:
1) an RF Probe for debugging RF projects.
2) a RF 5 Watt 50 ohm dummy load
3) an RF Power probe for measuring transmitter output power.
4) a Twin-T audio side tone oscillator
5) an audio amplifier

This special will be shipped for FREE to either US OR DX locations.

Links to a couple of pictures of projects using MePads & MeSquares:

AA7EE's 9 volt transmitter
G3XBM's 472khz transverter

For those of you who are not bandwidth (or time) challenged, I've included links below to the complete example blogs of what AA7EE & G3XBM built using MePads & MeSquares:

AA7EE (again)
AA7EE's latest
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