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The Beaconator][ is a reworked version of the QRPARCI FDIM 2013 Buildathon kit: The Beaconator.

The kit was upgraded to include several new features which enhances the 'PLAY value' of the kit!

These features include:

BOTH round tuna cans and rectangular mint tins supported by the same circuit board.

OPTIONAL BAND MODULES are now supported for shifting operation to different bands in seconds.

Socket included for crystal for easy frequency changes about a band.

Multi-footprint final transistor pads for experimentation with final transistors.

Variable power output option using pot and resistor.

Dual connector footprints for alternate connectors when using a mint tin.

Keyer chip built in.

  • B][ Layout
  • B][ Schematic
  • B][ TABLE
  • B][ Band Module