CENTO RECEIVE - LIVE stream Buildathon #3

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The third LIVE stream Buildathon will be a receiver kit that matches up with the Tuna Tin 2 transmitter that we built in the 1st Buildathon.The Cento Receivo kit is in keeping with the old time food can legacy kits. Instead of the Herring Aid 5 in a large rather boring herring snack tin, I chose the much more interesting Cento Anchovy tin. It is much smaller and much more colorful! I will be supplying the tin with the kit but YOU will have to homework assignment of disposing of the anchovies and cleaning the tin.

The Cento Receivo receiver is a simplified version of QRPme*s Sudden Storm receiver kit. The simplification is in the elimination of the band module and operation set for 40m. Another feature is it can be built without a soldering iron. Just form and cut the leads as required by the board and push them into the socket pins. You will need to solder up an adapter cable for your headphones. Although you CAN install the battery, antenna and phone leads directly into the pin sockets, for easy messing about, I BUILT some mini connectors using push extra socket pins to make plugging and unplugging the external devices easy peasy while debugging my prototype.

If you really want to solder, I can provide the kit as a solder the parts version....

I just got in a pack of new tool pcbs that I designed for helping bend leads for parts used in building kits. The mini-LBT is a nice tool for bending and sizing .1, .2 & .4" wide parts without having to stick them into the grabby SIP sockets to check for proper spacing. You don*t want to stress out the little grabbing mechanisms inside the SIP sockets so use the external mini-LBT to do the sizing and insert into the SIP socket pins only when seating the part into the circuit. I will be including a mini-LBT in every CENTO Receivo order... Video link to the mini-LBT is below in the links section.

Prototype boards arrived on time (for once) and it was checked, debugged, errors corrected and production quantities ordered 4/19 at 11:00PM! I will schedule the Buildathon sometime around the end of May after Stephen and I return from FDIM.

Full documentation will be developed as soon and the design is NOW fully checked out and debugged. I don*t anticipate any real problems as I kitted this design MANY years ago as the very 1st Sudden Storm kit. Builders guide and schematic are for the original design are already posted HERE AS original SS Instructions.

  • ORIGINAL SS Instructions

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