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December 12, 2018 QRPme INFO:
I have changed my ISP for QRPme to GoDaddy so now all my files should be served up just fine! My old ISP suddenly took a dislike to my ][ s and !s in my file names and would rather freeze up than serve them up. Go Daddy has no problems with my funky names. If you still have an issue with a file, please report it so I can get the file name back in sync with the link. Thanks! W1REX

The FDIM2017 X-CHECKer Crystal Oscillator & Frequency Counter was favorably reviewed in the November issue of QST and I received quite a few orders as a result of the review. I finally got ALL but 1 out the door today.
Another HOT ITEM that goes along with the X-CHECKer is the FT-243 crystal blanks. I just got in a supply of custom ground rectangular FT-243 quartz crystal blanks ground to 7015. Thay can be easily ground to practically any 40m frequency of interest. I have personally ground one up to 7218! I have single blanks listed in the parts page or a special holiday limited offer of 3 crystals for $22! If you need a special 40m FT-243 crystal for that vintage rig, you can now grind one!

FT-243 crystals & other parts
X-CHECKer FT-243 Crystal Grinding Station

I designed a custom version of my Two Scouts Night Sender Key for a Boy Scout Camporee being held here in Limerick on Sept 8th. Our scout troup is 100 years old this year and they hosted the big fall district camporee. It was a VERY chilly day for September in Maine but still not quite 100 scouts built the kit and there was a lot of shaky dots and dashes eminating from the dark around the campfire that night and not all were eminating from fireflies. This neat little Night Keyer kit would make a nice gift for a budding signal sending scout. A nice project to build for the electronics merit badge. Kit price is $10 and a 9 volt battery is included!
Limerick Night Sender Key kit

A mint tin packaged version is also available. I call it the Two Scouts Night Sender Key. The kit design is a culmination of many years of developing a simple kit that ANY scout with beginners soldering skills can put together. The board is designed using Limerick Construction where the interconnects are all made using traces on the circuit board. Each part is soldered to its corresponding LARGE pads and the entire project fits nicely into the ubiquitous mint tin which, of course, fits nicely into a typical pocket. It is also a nice project to build for the electronics merit badge. The two scouts on the label are me and my dad in 1965 all dressed up to march in the Cape Elizabeth, Maine Memorial day parade. Two Scouts Night Sender Key

Another new kit is the FUNKeYer another NoS (NoSolder) kit that I designed for Buildathons in places where soldering irons just can''t go. In this case, 55 hams on a bus from the Hamvention fleamarket back home to Ann Arbor MI. The kit was designed so that they could build it on the long bus ride home and then play a BX (similar to DX but on a Bus!) game collecting contacts with other builders on the bus. Still haven't heard any reports as to how THAT portion went...
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Updated PocketPAL tester with complete Builder's Guide was featured in the March issue of QST and I've sold a few.... currently sold out but parts arriving for a new batch this week..
PocketPAL Handy Dandy Hamfest Tester

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