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If you have specific delivery questions or requirements, please send me an Email! Rex Harper W1REX w1rex 'at' megalink 'dot' net
EXCITED about the Boxboro buildathon kit! It is something I've been thinking of adding to my kit lineup for several years.. It is a paddle kit featuring a built-in keyer chip from HamGadgets. Check out the link button at the TOP LEFT of this page...Limerick Paddles w/Keyer.
September 11, 2015

The summer season has been a busy one for QRPme!

Went on a trip to NYC to see my daughter Katie sing in Carnegie Hall NYC Adventure) Worked hard hosting another great Lobstercon... took a brainstorming trip to Washington State... then a quick trip into the DEEP Maine woods... and finally a presentation AND Buildathon session at the New England Regional Convention at Boxboro Ma....

FDIM 2015 Buildathon kit status:
HORRAY! I FINALLY managed to merge the 2 output versions of the Frequency Counter module into the same micro WHICH automatically switches to the right version upon startup. Details are on the my product page.Had to change the target microprocessor to get it to work. Picking up the micros tomorrow so kits should FINALLY go out on Monday after I get all the micros programmed.

Rockmite][, Rock Topper & Z-Rock ATU enclosures:
Ran some tests this week and I think we finally have a new game plan. It looks like I can take fully processed powder coated enclosures, overcoat them with black powder coat material and then cure that layer with the laser. I will be running some speed/power matrix tests this weekend and hope to have enclosures for shipment vy the beginning of the week.

Tuna Can Kits:
I've kitted almost ALL the different tuna can kits, canned them, added labels and got them back on the shelf. Toppers and Helpers are out due to lack of boards but should have boards in in about 10 days.

MePad, MeSquares & MeTubes panels, Toroid EZ tools and SBSS solder bots are ALL back in stock.

My summer commitments and traveling are now over. I'm back in the shop for the remainder of August and September. I will be working hard to get orders out the door now..