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July 25, 2015
The last 5 weeks have been very hectic with lots of stuff interrupting me from kitting and shipping kits.
Went on a trip to NYC to see my daughter Katie sing in Carnegie Hall.
Made a little report on my trip in case you might be interested....NYC Adventure

Hosting Lobstercon (July 10,11 & 12) is always a BIG deal for me and usually eats up the 1st couple of weeks in July.
Took a couple of extra days to decompress and then put everything away...then managed to get a few days of kitting and shipping orders.

Then I had to spend a few days helping a local museum get ready for a week long history camp for kids. Crystal radio building was on the agenda so I volunteered to help the director prepare for the class and I built an AM transmitter so the kids would have something to hear when they completed their radios.

Right after that, I flew out to White Salmon, Washington to do some project brainstorming with a friend.

I did manage to get a batch of orders out before I left and another batch of orders out yesterday when I got back.
I'll be back in full swing at the beginning of August.

FDIM 2015 Buildathon kit status:
Trying to finish debugging the frequency counter software. The LCD portion works fine but the RS232 portion sends out TWICE the signal frequency! I hope to find the bug soon and start shipping kits this week.

Rockmite][, Rock Topper & Z-Rock ATU enclosures:
Engraved a batch Rockmite][ enclosures while trying to tweak in the spacing and orientation of the lettering. The laser engraver AND software are from China and giving me fits trying to get it right. Missed my pre-Lobstercon shipping goal but getting more and more comfortable with the software. Hope to get those coming out of the machine this week too!

Tuna Can Kits:
I've kitted many different tuna can kits, canned them, added labels and got them back on the shelf. Some kits are still not available due to my running out of time to kit them.

MePad panels were on order and arrived in house. MeSquares & MeTubes panels, Toroid EZ tools and SBSS solder bots are ALL back on the shelf. A large cache of diamond core drills were uncovered in a shop clean up so just about all my homebrewing supplies are now in stock and ready to ship.

My July commitments and traveling are now in the past. I'm back in the shop for and extended period and CONCENTRATING on clearing out back orders.