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Picture of MAILED -> FDIM BUILDATHON  TTL Transmitter MAILED to your QTH

This item is for purchasing an FDIM BUILDATHON snd having it sHIPPED TO YOUR QTH!

I have been designing kits and holding Buildathons for many years and it is getting more difficult to come up with good simple ideas for a build that doesn*t take too much time and will be used after the build and not just put in a drawer.

This years Buildathon is a revamp of my very first kit design that I did for my local club a very long time ago. I had a full pcb etching line in my design shop so I laid the pcb out on my Mac computer, shot the artwork in the darkroom and made a small batch of pcbs. For many years, N1SH has had an incomplete set of instructions for the kit up on his website.You can find it here:

Original TTL Transmitter kit

[funny sidebar] I closed up my design shop and moved everything to the farm here in Limerick when I built the Qhut around 2002. My shop was 5000 sqft and was packed to the gills with equipment. My Qhut was only 2100 sqft so I bought a used forklift, 100 feet of pallet racking and stacked everything vertically. I ran out spots for pallets so I triple stacked 6 pallets and shoved them into an out of the way (at that time) corner of the Qhut. Eventually, my forklift died before I ever moved those pallets and they have sat in that corner for almost 20 years. Just last summer, I finally got around to unpacking, by hand, those 6 gaylords of *priceless antique radio equipment* and WHAT did it discover in the very bottom of the last gaylord I unpacked? A PANEL OF bare un-built pcbs for that very project!

The overall transmitter design has been around the block many times and embellished and modified by many before me. I cant remember where I first encountered the idea but I took the basic idea and designed my version of the design. I used a open collector chip for the driver, placed the output low pass filter on a component carrier plug that could be simply unplugged and replaced by a plug configured for a different band.

I will be revamping the long lost design and laying it out on a mint tin sized board. I will also try to come up with some other features to add to the FUN factor.

Now that tax season is over, I will be diving into the updating process and posting information as I develop it...

we usually have room for about 30 builders in the Buildathon room at the Holiday Inn Express where FDIM is held. I am not sure what the current regulations are for social distancing etc, so if you are planning to participate in the Buildathon then make your reservation early. QTH mailed kits have no such restrictions!

So please stay tuned.....

  • TTL WONDER V3 silk only