2011 FDIM Build-Along kit to build @ FDIM

Price: $15.00 - By Special Request. Please email


QRPme & W1REX will be hosting the 2011 FDIM Build-a-Thon where we will be building the Lil Squall kit. We know that there are many QRPers out there that would love to participate in FDIM but; for one reason or another, cannot make it to Dayton Ohio to join in the fun. So QRPme & W1REX will be hosting a second event that we are calling: The Great 2011 FDIM Build-Along! We are hosting this second event in the Amphitheater where we hope to have about 100 on-site builders. We will also be streaming live video during the Build-Along so that QRPers anywhere in the world can join in and build right along with us. Total time for the Build-Along should be under 45 minutes with the actual build time less than 30 minutes. Builders in the Amphitheater will be building a special version of the Build-Along kit that will require no soldering while those joining us in their shacks will be building a soldered version of the same kit. We will be building a simple crystal checker that fits nicely in an Altoids tin. The kit will will cost $15.00 with free shipping anywhere in the world! Quantities are limited, primarily because they will be have to be kitted and shipped two weeks prior to FDIM. If you want to participate in the Great 2011 FDIM Build-Along, please order your kit before the end of April!!!

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