Tuna Tin 2 40th Anniversary Issue

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Picture of Tuna Tin 2 40th Anniversary Issue

The original cover article for the Tuna Tin 2 was published in the May 1976 issue of QST. Over the years this quintessential QRP transmitter has been built by thousands of amateurs. QRPme kits several versions of the TT2 and offers up one more.

In 2011, QRpme introduced the 35th Anniversary version then followed by another version with a built in RF Probe. This latest 40th anniversary issue is an upgrade to both earlier versions and brings it totally up to date. The major changes to these earlier designs are larger pads, traces and clearances deletion of an earlier on board RF Probe. For overall clarity, the parts are laid out on the board in the exact same way the schematic is drawn. The toroids and transformer have been replaced to both reduce the complexity and time of the build. ALL the connectors are mounted directly to the board so there is no external wiring to mess around with. The pads, traces and spaces are BIG to help reduce soldering problems for beginners. All the components are supplied with the kit so all you need are tools, soldering iron and solder. Of course, you will need to come up with a can to mount your finished kit on... You could have a tuna fish sandwich for a snack while you build the kit. I prefer a small can of DOLEs pineapple chunks. Look for a tuna fish or pineapple can with a pull top lid! After you pull the tab, a small lip remains on the outside rim of the can. The TT2 board sits on this lip and is held onto the can by a bolt through the board and bottom of the can. You will have to drill a hole in the bottom of your can to mount the board....

The 40th anniversary Tuna Tin 2 transmitter kit is THE perfect kit for club builds and Buildathons due to its easy construction and HIGH degree of probability of having a working kit at the end of the build....even for 1st time builders.

  • TT2-ARRL-40A
  • TT2-ARRL-40A Schematic
  • A35 Print
  • A35 Schematic

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