Tuna Tin 2 Kit

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Picture of Tuna Tin 2 Kit

The original TT2 kit used the Norcal board and required circuit mods in order to meet current FCC regulations. It has been replaced by the 35th Anniversary Issue TT2.... and of course the Two Tinned Tunas EZ Build and SUPSR Tuna ][+ are more modern versions of the original TT2.

The Tuna Tin 2 (TT2) kit includes a round printed circuit board and all PCB mounted parts: transistors, capacitors, resistors, toroids and magnet wire. The kit also includes a 7.040Mhz crystal and SIP socket for easy crystal change. Assembly instructions and additional documentation can be found below. You have to scrounge up the can, PCB mounting hardware, antenna, power, key and receiver jacks, hookup wire and T/R switch. This earlier version of the TT2 REQUIRES CIRCUIT MODS by the builder to insure compliance with current FCC harmonic output regulations.

  • TT2 Manual
  • TT2 Schematic
  • TT2 Modifications
  • TT2 Wiring
  • TT2 Layout