AXEme Picaxe Construction Kit

Price: $40.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of AXEme Picaxe Construction Kit

The AXEme Picaxe Construction kit is a logical progression up from the elementary Lobstercon Maine Bugs kit. The kit contains all the fun stuff for playing around with the Picaxe microprocessor and learning about programming.

The centerpiece of the kit is a Picaxe 08M microcontroller. An on board 170 tie point solderless breadboard is surrounded by a plethora of useful electronic items to interface to the chip:

one-wire temperature sensor

IR decoder


piezo sounder

ultra-bright LED

2 push-button switches

10K potentiometer

RCA connector

Each interface item is wired to a SIP connector pin for total flexibility. Both 5 volt and 9 volt regulated power supplies are located on the board. The Picaxe enhanced download circuit is also located on the board. Additional resistors, LEDs, thermistor, photo-resistor, breadboard jumpers are also supplied with the kit. Download the Picaxe Programming Software from the site, build a download cable from an old serial using the supplied connector parts and you are on the road for hours and hours of fun using the easy to learn Picaxe programming language. Don\'t spend days writing that assembly language program to monitor the temperature, do it in minutes with the Picaxe micro and the AXEme Picaxe Construction Set! All the additional pieces not being used in your current project can be stored inside the can underneath your project.

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