Zomboids Prototyping Kit

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Picture of Zomboids Prototyping Kit

The Altoids Prototyping kit contains a plethora of construction aids for building QRP projects in the QRP standard Altoids tin.It used to come in a custom QRPme Zomboids tin shown above but those were a limited run and no longer available. The tin is a brand new shiney BLACK mint tin with no branding or mints. Also included in a separate packet are:

miscellaneous pieces of .031 inch thick pcb material for making homemade pads

as .031 inch pcb cuts easily using dikes, snips or punches

a smattering of MeSquares: 1/4 inch square pads for Manhattan construction

a smattering of MePads: DIP and SOIC pattern boards for easily mounting ICs

A larger piece of .062 inch double sided printed circuit board material and a double sided silk screened solder masked circuit board routed to EXACTLY fit inside the mint tins are also included.

The Altoids tin is the ultimate enclosure for that special QRP shirt-pocket portable project!

  • K7QO Manhattan
  • NJ Pad Cutter