Limerick Paddles with built in PicoKeyer chip

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Picture of Limerick Paddles with built in PicoKeyer chip

The Limerick Paddles with built in PicoKeyer kit is a quick build kit employing \'Limerick\' style construction. It was developed as a Buildathon kit for the NEQRP Buildathon at the 2015 New England Regional Convention. Limerick style construction was developed by W1REX as a form of Manhattan style construction where the pads and traces are all preformed using commercial pcb fabrication techniques including a full solder mask and silk screen but without the drilled holes for components. In essence, a surface mount board for through hole components.

The Limerick Paddles w/Keyer printed circuit board can be snapped apart resulting a main board for the keyer electronics and two small boards to use as the paddle levers. The keyer chip provided is essentially a PicoKeyer Plus from Ham Gadgets but without the QSO sequencing functions for contesting. You can check out the functionality of the PicoKeyer Plus keyer chip by checking out the Ham Gadgets manual.

The keyer was well received by the NEQRP club members attending the Boxboro convention AND the builders in the buildathon.

Construction manual coming soon.....

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