Rockmite ][ Accessory Parts kit

Price: $20.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of Rockmite ][ Accessory Parts kit

This Rockmite ][ Accessory Parts kit contains the additional parts to complete the Rockmite ][ transceiver kit for those who either do not have a QRP junque bin or access to a decent local parts supplier.

The kit contains:

1 50K potentiometer for speed control
1 1Meg potentiometer for volume control
1 SPDT toggle switch for power
1 LED for power on indicator
1 1K resistor for the LED
1 3 pin strip of MeSquares for mounting the LED
1 2N3866 transistor for increased output power
1 3 ohm resistor for the 2N3866 emitter circuit
1 TO-5 top hat heat sink

As of 10/12/2014, ALL Rockmite][ kits include the above accessory parts. You only need to purchase these parts when augmenting a previous purchase when these parts were not included OR when working with an older SWL Rockmite kit.