Maker Faire Morse Sender 2016

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Again, I traveled down to New York City for the weekend of October 1&2 to help out the New York Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club at the New York Maker Fair 2016. My mission was to put a little more MAKER flair into the HosARC booth. I updated my original Maker Sender Key from 2 years ago and created a through hole version of the key for easier building by first time builders. The action is pretty \'light\' and this time I rearranged the circuit so a buzzer can be added to the keyer in parallel to the LED. You can also do a little mod work, jettison the buzzer and simply use the buzzer pads to use it as a TINY straight key!

They are cute, and the SUPER Bright LED is good for upwards to a mile on a clear night! The buzzers do make it much easier to learn to send the code due to the nice audio feedback while keying...

Hall of Science ARC

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