Numerical Frequency Indicator

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Both the TTT and TT2 kits have SIP crystal sockets for quickly changing crystals. Both kits are shipped with a crystal for operating at 7.040Mhz. All the previous incarnations of the Tuna Tin 2 kit also shipped with 7.040Mhz crystals but no crystal socket. Another popular QRP 'watering hole' is 7.030Mhz. The Numerical Frequency Indicator kit solves the dilemma of which frequency to operate: This kit includes a 7.030Mhz crystal and 'reminder' can label indicating which frequency is 'in use'. Attach the label to a tuna fish can (cat food cans work AOK and are QRP priced), insert the crystal in a QRPme kit and you are 'stomping' in new turf. For older versions of the Tuna Tin 2, carefully unsolder the crystal, insert and solder a 3 pin SIP socket, cut or clean up the old crystal leads and you too can be 'stomping' in new turf.