QSO Today BUILDATHON KIT (#9) SST+ on Mar 25 2023

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Picture of QSO Today BUILDATHON KIT (#9) SST+ on Mar 25 2023

** THE BUILDATHON IS OVER! BUT the complete video will be posted soon on the QSO Today HAM EXPO Website so participants from the EXPO can view the video after it is posted for 30 days.##

The Sea Sprite Transceiver + is a new re-working of the Sea Sprite currently in the QRPme tuna can line. The original Sea Sprite (picture shown herein) was reconfigured into a larger sized tuna can, spreading out the parts a little for an even easier building experience. Features included in the NEW Sea Sprite transceiver+ are:

Bigger pcb has more space between components.

Bigger pads

Wider traces

Larger clearances around pads

Higher probability of completion without soldering errors

Latest low insertion loss low pass filter

Reduced parts count for faster building time

Added antenna coupler for instant hookup to an included 1/2 wave End Fed antenna

Additional included items for the QSO Today Expo Buildathon are a straight key kit and enough wire to construct a 40m 1/2 wave End Fed antenna

To GOTA (GetOnTheAir) with everyone else, the builder will need to supply a 12V battery and a set of Walkman style headphones AND a 401 *tuna* can. Of course you will have to have a minimal about of construction tools to build the kit.

We are encouraging an online operating event on Saturday night and again early Sunday morning. A whole Buildathon*s (well almost whole) worth of transceivers all operating on the same 40m frequency (7110) at the same time and with the same antenna should provide a practical real time test as to the performance of this QRPp rig.

A second QSO Expo session is scheduled on Sunday in which we will discuss the results of the event, provide info as to how to improve your HF operations and also hold a Q&A session as time allows.

Docs for the ORIGINAL Sea Sprite are shown below. The new Sea Sprite+ boards are on order and new documentation will be posted as soon as they are developed....

  • QSO9 MAP
  • SST+ Ver6
  • Sea Sprite+ Ver 6 Schematic
  • Sea Sprite+ Ver6 BOM
  • Kit Building Tools
  • SS6+ Label
  • SS6+ Coupler Bypass MOD
  • SS6+ Audio MODs
  • Making the Phantom Crystal Ground Pin

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