Tuna Topper II+

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The TUNA Topper and TEXAS Topper kits will boost your 40m QRP or QRPp signal to a full 5 watts.
The TUNA Topper kit includes a round tuna can, printed circuit board and all PCB mounted parts: transistors, capacitors, resistors, toroids, magnet wire and includes a pre-drilled factory fresh tuna can with label.

The TEXAS Topper kit includes the same electronic parts but DOES NOT INCLUDE A TUNA CAN OR ENCLOSURE.

The NEW version of the Topper kit is band agile by using band modules for the harmonic filter components. The basic Topper kits come with components to build the amplifier AND a 40m band module. An upgrade kit is available which contains all the parts necessary to build band modules for 80m, 30m and 20m.

A full QRP Gallon (5 Watts output power) is produced by a .5w input signal on both the 80m and 40m bands. Output is slightly less than a gallon (maybe 3 quarts) on the 30m & 20m bands with the same .5w input; however, by increasing the input drive above .5watts, you can get closer to 5 watt output power for 30m & 20M operation.

The Topper documentation is under a little flux right now. The Topper Manual V2a+ should have all the info you need to build the kit. If you should have any questions, post them on the QRPme_Kits list and they should be answered in very short order.

  • Tuna-Tx Topper][+ v5a Manual
  • QRPme LPF Chart pg1