TWO....Two Scouts Night Sender Keys

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This Item is a for a PAIR of Two Scouts Night Sender Key kits at a special price....

QRPme*s Two Scouts Night Sender Key kit is a culmination of many versions of simple Morse Code key designs over the years. I have designed lots of simple keys for kids over the years. From the NO soldering required Kids Kit #1 to simple designs given away to builders at several Maker Faires. The Two Scouts version is the one I am most proud of. The actual key is assembled mechanically using all brass hardware and no solder. The feel is very nice and can be adjusted using thin washers. The key is bolted to a single sided printed circuit board that easily fits inside the ubiquitous hinged mint tin. Additional circuitry on the board include: 9 volt battery snaps, piezo sounder, ULTRA bright LED and current limiting resistor. There are 12 solder points in the kit and they are made to nice large pads for easy soldering... even for beginners. The HELP video in the links message is of a video capture of a night time transmission with the single LED on a NSK at over 1 mile away...and I didn*t even put in a fresh battery!

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