Rocky Mt. Div. 2018 Convention Saturday Buildathon

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This year, I am doubling down at the Rocky Mountain Division Convention and holding TWO Buildathons. This is the Buildathon on Saturday morning. In this Buildathon, we will be building 4 small test equipment projects! Ambitious...YES! The 4 small projects are themed around the essential tools you need when working with a kit under construction or troubleshooting on your home bench. The 4-FER kit is along the same theme as the FDIM Buildathon I hosted in Dayton in 2015.

The 4 projects are:

* A simple and compact RF probe for checking RF voltages in a QRP project using your DVM.

* A dummy load with RF power measurement circuitry.

* A SIMPLE multi-band crystal controlled OSCILLATOR/signal generator for testing QRP receivers etc.

* A simple RF frequency counter for measuring QRP oscillator circuits.

The resort has never hosted a Buildathon before, and was uneasy about the potential that the collective solder smoke, tenuous as it is, would set off smoke alarms in the meeting area, which is a non-smoking facility. So, the Saturday 4-FER Buildathon kit will be a COMPLETELY NEW version of the 2015 4-piece Test Equipment kit, redesigned to be a solderless kit, to accommodate the resortís concerns.

Builders have the option to solder the connections at home if they choose. These 4 kits, AND the 5th kit from the Friday Buildathon, will leave participants with 5 highly useful pieces of test equipment useful in building or troubleshooting their gear. I expect that weíll have enough time left after building these to try them out on some ailing QRP radios Iíll bring so that you not only build the test gear, you also learn how to use it to troubleshoot a balky radio.

These kits also are a great introduction to working with electronic components and build-it-yourself radio. If you are interested in either
Buildathon, please sign up using the BUY-US Paypal link at the top right.


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  • NoS 4-FER FC +OSC ver2

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