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Picture of HOLEY TOIDS!

The HOLEY TOIDS! prototyping board is an updated version of my very first QRPme product. I introduced the ___TOIDS PROTO BOARD at FDIM way back in May of 1997! It was my first QRP design AND my first FDIM. I continued to design and market new QRP oriented products for the last 24 years. I now offer the HOLEY TOIDS board and its companion the BLOCKTOIDS prototyping board at 24% off the current product price. The HOLEY TOIDS! board makes building a prototype project using through hole parts a breeze....AND getting it into a pocket friendly mint tin a snap! Back in the good old days, we built quick projects on a Radio Shack single strip prototyping board that had a format similar to the typical solderless breadboard. The proto board allowed the builder to make a quick build for an IC or through hole part based project that was first built on a solderless breadboard. The big problem was always hacking it up to fit into a small pocket friendly container. You could spend more time hacking it up than the time you spent building it...AND it usually looked fairly crappy to boot! This is a quality FR4 double sided board with silk screen, solder mask and plated through holes. It is routed to simply drop right into a mint tin.

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