Kids Kit#1 - Learn the Code

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Picture of Kids Kit#1 - Learn the Code

The Kid*s Kit #1, Learn the Code, is a simple construction kit that requires only a small Phillips and regular screwdriver to assemble. When built, the kit becomes a code Morse Code practice set and is ideal for Scouts and young children. A 9 volt battery clip and screw terminal connector are mounted on the underside of the wooden disk inside the can. A small buzzer provides the sound and a small strip of printed circuit board serves as a key. All the parts mount on a circular wooden disk cut to fit on the top of the open can.
The parts mounting locations have pilot holes pre-drilled. All the parts come sealed inside a tuna can except the wooden disk which fits on the can...not in it! Pull the easy open tab, remove the lid to find the parts and start building!

Label design by Katie Harper

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