Rexwood 1000W Receiver Kit

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The Rexwood 1000W kit is the same kit as our Sudden Receiver kit but with a custom *radio in the round* label. An easy and straight forward kit to build with NO surface mount parts. Both the Sudden Storm and Rexwood kits come with 2 40m crystals: 7030 and 7.0475 Mhz crystal so that this receiver can directly tune W1AW, the bulletin and code practice station of the ARRL.

All the circuit board parts come sealed inside a factory fresh tuna can with an easy open pull top lid and custom *radio in the round* label. Full assembly instructions can be found below. Can be assembled in one evening by a beginner. When it is built, simply add a battery, antenna, pair of headphones and tune into W1AW and learn the Morse Code. A great conversation piece for every QRPer*s bench!

The current version of the kit is Ver.6. Read the SS VER 4-5-6 Readme FIRST.pdf file to note the differences in the most recent versions of the kit. The Ver.4, 5 & 6 are all built using the same guide. Note that the ver.6 pcb is back to BLUE and does not need any mods or patches to the circuit board traces. They have all been corrected on the ver.6 printed circuit board. Use the SS6 Builders Guide (ver4-2) file below to build the kit.

  • SS Builders Guide ver6-2
  • SS Schematic ver6-2
  • SS4 Builders Guide (ver4-2)
  • SS4 Builders Guide ver4-2
  • SS-Ver3 Builders Guide
  • SS3 Builders Guide
  • SS][ SxS-6-2
  • ORIGINAL SS Instructions
  • SS3-Ver3-Schematic

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