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Price: $3.00 - By Special Request. Please email
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I traveled down to New York City the weekend of September 19th to help out the New York Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club at the New York Maker Fair. My mission was to put a little MAKER flair into the hosARC booth. I took the basic principle of my Night Sender Key and created a scratch built version using pcb material, MeSquares pads and Super Glue. We had lots of interest and no lack of Makers trying their hands at Manhattan construction.... especially since the Radio Shack learn to solder booth was just inside the main entrance and had LONG wait lines to get a seat.

If you HAD attended the Maker Fair, you could have built a little Maker Sender for FREE but I have to now charge $$ to ship it to your QTH...SORRY!

They are cute, and the SUPER Bright LED is good for upwards to a mile on a clear night!

Hall of Science ARC

The Maker Sender kit includes:

1 pc .062 pcb stock 9v battery sized main board

1 pc .031 pcb stock for the KEY

1 pc MeSquares 2x3 squares

1 SUPER Bright LED

1 390 ohm resistor

1 9 volt batter clip

A fun project to spark the interest of kids in Morse code.

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