Pocket PAL II Handy Dandy Hamfest parts Checker

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Picture of Pocket PAL II Handy Dandy Hamfest parts Checker

The PocketPAL is a mint tin sized tester for all kinds of hamfest goodies that you cannot ordinarily test with a DVM. Several constant current and voltage sources can be used to test panel meters, LEDs, and many other current or voltage driven devices. An on-board oscillator can running at 14.31818 and a divide by 2 circuit can be used for testing oscilloscopes, receivers, frequency meters and other RF devices requiring an RF signal. A Picaxe microprocessor is also on-board and can be programmed to act as a frequency counter with Morse code audio output, and an audio frequency sweep generator for testing headphones, speakers, piezo elements etc. A crystal oscillator ties to the frequency counter circuit for measuring quartz crystals.

As of November 27,2017, the PocketPAL kit is now a version 2 kit, Pocket PAL II, with all the mods eliminated and with new printed circuit board and parts set.
The documentation for the new version have titles starting with Pocket PAL II, whereas documents pretaining to the older / original version start with orig-

  • Pocket PAL ][ Builders Guide
  • Pocket PAL ][ BOM
  • Pocket PAL ][ Schematic
  • Pocket PAL ][ Silk Screen
  • Pocket PAL ][ Download Cable Build
  • PAL Program - VERBOSE text
  • PAL Program - LITE text
  • PAL Program - VERBOSE
  • PAL Program - LITE
  • orig-Pocketpal-BOM
  • orig-PAL-1
  • orig-PAL-2A
  • orig-PAL-2B
  • orig-PAL-3
  • orig-PAL-4
  • orig-PAL-5
  • orig-PAL Schematic