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The Tuna Helper kit is an RF sensing automatic T/R switch. Connect your antenna, transmitter and receiver to the Tuna Helper and add 12 volt power. The Tuna Helper takes care of the rest. Key your transmitter and the RF signal is detected by the Tuna Helper and the antenna is automatically switched to the transmitter. When the key is released longer than a user selected time, the Tuna Helper switches the antenna back to your receiver. The user can select between 2 separate key up times. The Tuna Helper kit comes with all the parts sealed inside a personal sized tuna can. Open the can to get the parts, build up the circuit board and then mount it back on the can like all our other tuna can kits. Ideal for use with QRPmes Two Tinned Tunas or SUPER Tuna transmitters and the Sudden Storm or Rexwood 1000W receiver kits. The Tuna Helper is also perfect for use with all those thousands of Tuna Tin2 kits out there...or ANY other set of QRP/QRPp separates...........

Eliminate that manual T/R switch NOW!

1/05/2016.....Tuna Helper][+
The brand new boards JUST Arrived for the new version ][+ of the Tuna Helper kit
1 - regular sized tuna can instead of the smaller personal sized can
2 - relay changed to same as in the Tuna & Texas Topper kits
3 - switch enabled 4 Watt dummy load on board
4 - RF output power probe on board
5 - MeSquares prototyping area on the bottom side of board for custom mods

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