QSSA & QSST Buildathon kits upgrade

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This is a upgrade package for the QSO Today HAM EXPO Buildathon kits from September 2022.

The QSSA upgrade is a new keyer chip wh=ith a couple of added features. In the paddle mode, the dit/dah paddles can be swapped in the keyer chip software. Also, the memory function is upgraded from *CQ CQ CQ DE* to *CQ CQ CQ DE (your call sign)*.

For those purchasers in the US, I request that the keyer chip be returned after the new one arrives. The chips are in very short supply and I need them for other products.

The QSST upgrade consists of a small pcb and associated parts that replaces the original band pass filter with a new low pass filter.

PLEASE follow up your order with an email to tunacankits@gmail.com with your name and call sign....