TEXAS Topper to Rock-Topper Enclosure Upgrade kit

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Picture of TEXAS Topper to Rock-Topper Enclosure Upgrade kit

The TEXAS Topper to Rock Topper Enclosure Upgrade kit is packaged for those Rockmite][ operators who already have a Texas Topper 5 watt RF amp. This kit contains a custom machined CR-425 enclosure that matches the Rockmite][ enclosures that we sell here at QRPme. It is powder coated with the NEW 'standard' two tone hammer tone green with laser engraved labels identifying the connections, A special low profile band module board & connector and Topper board mounting hardware are also included. The builder must supply the completed Texas Topper kit/board, band module components and I/O connectors.

  • Rock Topper Amp
  • Low Profile Assembly Note
  • Low Profile Rock
  • Topper inCR45
  • TunaTopper][+Manual v5
  • QRPme LPF Chart pg1