Ca Bling! Pacificon Buildathon kit

Price: $25.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of Ca Bling!  Pacificon Buildathon kit

The Ca Bling! kit: A simple LED flasher/beacon with a twist. It is powered from a 12 volt source...or the tail light circuit in a car. Press the switch, or in the case that it is actually in your car: tap the brake, and it will flash your programmable message using the ultra-bright LED. With some finesse, you can also vary the brake taps to produce one of a couple of short messages. Like most of my Picaxe boards, there is a download connection AND several additional circuits that let you do something completely different. So it is really a small Picaxe development board. Anything that can be configured using 2 switches (1 logic & 1 optically coupled), 1 SPST NO relay, 1 LED (visible or IR) and 1 small speaker can be built with the Ca Bling! board.

  • CaB Layout
  • CaB Schematic
  • CaB Builders Guide v1-1
  • Ca Bling
  • CaB BOM
  • DL Cable Build