Picaxe Hatchet Kit

Price: $30.00 - By Special Request. Please email
Picture of Picaxe Hatchet Kit

The Picaxe Hatchet kit is a beginner's introductory kit to the Picaxe microcontroller. Six fun and unique applications from around the ham shack have been programmed for both actual use in the shack and to serve as learning examples. Study the example programs and use them as-is or modify them to suit your specific needs. Each program is fully documented in order to aid the user in learning how to program using the Picaxe micro. The 6 fun starter applications are:

  • Variable delay T/R switch
  • Beacon keyer
  • Infrared remote controller
  • Multiple interval timer
  • Multiple setpoint temperature controller
  • Audio Voltage monitor

But why stop there? Write your own and send it in!

  • Hatchet Instructions
  • Hatchet Layout
  • Hatchet Schematic
  • Hatchet Parts
  • Hatchet Construction
  • Hatchet Schematic