Corn Challenge Prototype Board

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Picture of Corn Challenge Prototype Board

The Corn Challenge Prototype board is a custom board designed to fit on top of a *regular* vegetable can. Design up a useful or just plain funny project in the can and submit a 1 page document on the project.

The back story about this prototype board is that my wife has a couple of pet pigs. When winter comes, *flavorful* pig food is a little hard to come by so the pigs swill is supplemented with canned corn from the supermarket! The pigs weight over 1000 pounds between them so that means lots of swill AND lots of cans of corn. Being the hoarder that I am AND a fan of shoving projects into mint tins and tuna cans, I keep cleaning them out and storing them in the Qhut. I have HUNDREDS that I need to re-home!! Hence a prototype board for easily turning them into electronic projects!